Eat, Pray, Laugh II: Ireland edition

Previously on my life:

Before I went to the wedding of my cousin in France and had a bit too much to drink and to eat, I made the discovery that I need to sort out my life in a eat, pray, love kinda style. Than I spend two stressful days back home, doing a whole lot of laundry and work, packing my massive backpack and I was off to Ireland for five days.

I am back, I am tired, and it feels weird to have an entire room by myself. What did I do? Well, one could call it “A very short introduction to Ireland” or “Me and my 4 friends packed up everything we needed in 5 days and slept in 4 different hostels in 4 different cities in Ireland”.

Last time I said, that according to my plan I would have to pray in Ireland, and I did, but mostly for the guy in the same room to stop snoring so I didn’t have to smother him with his pillow (desperate times…) or for a breakfast that did not just consist of toast with jam (even more desperate times…). On other occasions I got a sunburn in Cork, I played all the card games and had a meeting at my old University for work for about two hours and a half, cause I know how to holiday like a pro.

We went to Ireland, cause my friends wanted to see where I have been the last two years, and I was more than willing to show them the country, the people and very specifically the town that has shaped me in the last months and made me the person I am, besides the red hair, that was there beforehand.

But to be serious for just a moment: The first time I came to Ireland, in autumn 2015, I quickly fell in love with this lovely, but at times strange place. I wanted to live there forever, if I had the chance (I sadly did not, so far), so it is not really surprising that it felt more like showing off my home, than going on holiday with my friends. Ireland is beautiful and I wanted to show the things that I enjoyed with the friends I made there and show my old ones the places that I hold dear to my heart, but I had to realise that, all those beautiful spots for me, were for them, nothing but … a spot.


Okay, moment over, back to business! I promised wisdom and knowledge, from all that praying I did not do! So here we go:

I always been a nervous person, and the whole world will tell you that the only way to get out of this is by practicing mindfulness. And what most of them mean by that is, meditation, journaling, and yoga. However, I hate yoga, I just can’t get into it and I will probably for the rest of my life abandon every journal and meditation app in my life, because I just don’t get it.

But, now that I spent those stressful days of traveling from one town to another everyday with my friends, I made the discovery, that I actually practices somewhat of mindfulness, just not in the popular sense. Here are the three things I do:

  1. I read. That calms me, it always has. Indulging myself in the problems of other or fictional people, and by that running away from my ownlife, is bloody relaxing.
  2. I walk. I started doing that back in school. When I got frustrated, I walked, either home or for so long until I was not angry anymore. (Most of the time I got myself food afterwards)
  3. I sit in a busy place and listen to music on my headphones and do nothing. That is probably the closest I will ever be to meditating and yoga, just by myself on a bench in the middle of a town.

So here you go, that’s my wisdom fresh from the Irish Island. Two out of three, we are getting there! And lastly, we come to the reader’s participation bit of this post: I would love to hear what you do, to calm the fuck down, when things get busy and also: Does yoga really work for someone and how?


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