Eat, Pray, Laugh III: Going East

Previously on my life:

I decided that I need to figure out my life and went to France. Because it’s the obvious place to go and I had a wedding to attend. After that I was home for two hot days before spending 5 beautifully stressful days backpacking in Ireland with my friends. Got home just in time to write down all the wonderful stuff I learnt and went to Usedom. So far so good!

Usedom is an interesting Island. It’s quite big, split unevenly between Poland and Germany, and somehow everyone seems to forget the concept of bicycle paths and that you shouldn’t be standing on them. But is that really the point? Well, considering how many near misses I had with forty-something year old people, enjoying the view on the bicycle path, it is at least a point, somebody has to make. But not me, at least not now.

Since this is the last part, of this mini-series, my storyteller mind wants to give you a grand finale of realisation and mindfucking wisdom, and I got… nothing.

Absolutely nada, complete emptiness in my mind. I have been home for nearly a week, trying to figure out, what kind of wisdom I can spread, but all I have is butter (badum ts*).

Deer on Usedom

But this is okay. Sometimes there is no big realisation, and a holiday is just a holiday, and being run over by a bike is your fault, because you stood on the bicycle path (I promise, that I will get over this at some point). Luckily, I don’t live an Eat, Pray, Laugh- esque life, but a rather boring one, that made me sit at my desk for twelve hours now. Because I feel like this could be rather exhausting.

This is the end of this series and I am not happy, with it’s end. It is somewhat anticlimactic. I wish I had some big revelation for you, but the only thing I can tell you is that: Life is gonna be that way, there are days like this. “There are days like this, my momma said!”

Besides the butter joke. I stand by that, it is phenomenal.



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