Ranting about sports

Okay, I wanted to talk about my upcoming birthday and all those weird things I have planned for my new life year, but something has crept its way into this that needs to be addressed! It’s like the elephant in my life! It’s sports and how it is presented towards woman!

Just a few weeks ago the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 in the Netherlands was going on (the Dutch won… Damn it), and as the enthusiastic little bugger I am when it comes to cups and football I was all over it. Germany played russia, (to be honest, it wasn’t the most exciting game of football that I ever experienced, but it was good! Solid, good game, the Russians played a bit unclean in my opinion but that’s not the point here!) while I had a conversation with my long time and dear male friend of mine, who said that he couldn’t watch it, and i asked why he told me that it was not really his cup of tea as women’s football lacks athleticism and kind of the feel to it, and that made me mad! Actually really mad and I am not per se angry at him, I just feel more a general anger at the whole society that makes this opinion universally acceptable!

After running

When I was a young girl, there weren’t many Programms for me to join in that had something to do with sports. I mean sure there was ballet and either dance classes, but all team sports were mostly targeted at boys. football, volleyball, Handball, all sports that got women’s/ girls teams when I was a teenager, by that time the boys in my grade were already playing theses sports by about ten years, when I finally was able to pick it up. And while there are at least one team for boys in every little town, my volleyball team was playing against the same girls team from a different town multiple times a year as there was not actually any other teams at our level.

So when my friend said it lacks athleticism I tried to make him understand that the training levels and the background behind the players are different, as most of these women are my age or even older, that the funding isn’t as it is with men’s sports and also that there is no real place for woman in sports!

The easiest way to see that is when you go to the store and check out magazines targeted at women. We all no that the glamour and cosmo and all these other magazines are hyping the newest diet and showing us million ways to loose weight, but even sports magazines, like women’s health, a mag that has health in the title, is selling you exactly the same thing. It’s all about getting hot, a beach body and all those new work out clothes.

And the internet is pulling this too, if you follow the tag running on Pinterest you will end up with two posts about the best posture or the best shoes, the rest are toning tips and ab workouts for that beach body!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against trying to look you best possible self, but sports should not just be about that! It should be a celebration of what your body is able to do! I would like the world to not degrade women’s sports to just fat burning, and pretty to look at but not the real thing! I am just tired of being told that Women are never good enough for being a proper athlete or to be taken serious, that we could be better, slimmer or more sporty! That no matter how hard we try that we will always lack athleticism but have some love handles to loose!

Okay, rant over! I am gonna get some cake, cause it’s my bloody birthday!

BTW: if you want to learn more about woman in sports, check out “eat sweat play” by Anna Kessel. I am in no way connected to this publication, but I have been praising it to literally everyone in my life, so here you go!


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