Ranting about sports

Okay, I wanted to talk about my upcoming birthday and all those weird things I have planned for my new life year, but something has crept its way into this that needs to be addressed! It's like the elephant in my life! It's sports and how it is presented towards woman! Just a few weeks... Continue Reading →

The token single friend

I have been single for the majority of my adult life. Let me rephrase that: I have been in one serious relationship in my life and that lasted 18 months. That was five years ago. During the last years, I have seen my sisters and friends go on dates and meet people, hook up and... Continue Reading →

On Agatha Christie

** This is not my book review of “Agatha Christie and the eleven missing days” ** I love Agatha Christie. I adore her. this much, that I have a portrait of her in my room. My friend got it for my birthday and I love it. It is pink and pretty. I just wanted to... Continue Reading →

On my 2017 reading list

I have never actually planned what I will be reading, and also this year will probably not be different. I actually quite like going with the flow. So, basically what I am telling you here: Nothing is set in stone and it is already quite long, so check out my Goodreads for the whole list.... Continue Reading →

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